Adopt a Ferring Country Farm Animal

Our farm animals play a valuable role at Ferring Country Centre, providing enjoyment for our visitors and education to children, whilst helping people with learning difficulties and disabilities gain work training in animal care. By adopting one of our farm animals you will be helping towards the cost of looking after the animals, such as feeding, bedding and veterinary care. This means Ferring Country Centre can continue to support people with learning difficulties in reaching their full potential.

For only £10 per year you can adopt one of our farm animals. Along with your certificate of adoption you will receive a photograph of your adopted animal, newsletters and a free entry ticket to the farm for one adult or one child. Animals currently available for adoption include Buster the Miniature Pygmy Goat, Mary and Betty the Gloucester Old Spot Pigs, DJ the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, Bo the young Shetland Pony, Abigail and Rosemarie the Khaki Campbell Ducks, and Charlie and Daisy the rabbits. Please contact us if you would like to adopt any other animals on our farm.

The farm provides an important educational environment where children can learn all about where their food comes from. As noticed with our clients, interaction with animals also motivates people to learn new skills.

We are strongly committed to enhancing the lives of vulnerable adults, providing work training through our "Work Counts" scheme. This scheme aims to assist adults with learning difficulties in gaining employment in the community, either paid or voluntary, and to play a valued role in society through social inclusion. The farm has opened up new animal care training opportunities for clients whose disabilities make caring for horses difficult or for those clients who would rather receive training in farm animal care.

Everyone benefits from the psychological aspects of Animal Assisted Interventions (spending time with animals in a meaningful way). Including, forming special relationships and attachment to the animals, increased trust and pro-social activity, understanding feelings and emotions, and increased motivation and responsibility towards others. This leads to a feeling of increased well-being and feeling of togetherness/companionship. Interaction with animals is meaningful and can also lead to increased language and speech development and understanding of space and time.

Meet our Animals

  • Abigail
  • Buster
  • Rosemarie
  • Mary
  • Jimmy
  • Abigail is known as the sporty one. She is always waddling around as fast as she can and swimming in the pond. Abigail is a Khaki Campbell Duck, which is a cross between an Indian Runner and a Rouen Duck

    Buster is a very playful Pygmy Goat. He was born in February 2010 and lives on the farm with his mum Pandora. Although Buster is very small, what he lacks in size, he makes up with in personality!

    Rosemarie is a true lady. She is the posh one of our Khaki Campbell Ducks. You will often see her leading the flock with her elegant waddle.

    Mary is one of our Gloucester Old Spot Pigs. She is fun and lively and loves a good rub on her belly. She has slightly bigger black spots on her back than her twin sister Betty

    Jimmy is a loyal and affectionate Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. This breed of donkey originates from Sardinia and Sicily. They are known for being very friendly.