The Three Forts challenge is a Rotary organised running event, founded in 1976.  Known as 'the tough one', the challenge spans 27.2 miles of the South Downs. The run includes a total of 3450ft climb with stiles and tough tracks underfoot. 

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Three Forts have supported Ferring Country Centre since 2011. Following this year’s event, on the 5th May, they have donated an amazing £7,800, bringing their grand total up to an astounding £75,300.  

The generous contributions of Three Forts have made immeasurable changes to our Centre. The money has been put towards the renovations of our Customer Dining Room, which included installing a projector, easy-to-clean flooring, and an adjustable height counter for wheelchair users. We have also used their donations to build our outdoor play area and purchase the mini helicopter, purchase the red tractor - a firm favourite on Dales Farm - and buy one of our cherished Riding Therapy Horses, Mr. Snuffles.  

We want to express our gratitude to Three Forts for their continued support and dedication to our Centre.  We are both humbled and privileged to be in receipt of their generous contributions.