The three forts challenge that was due to take place on 3rd May 2020, had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Three Forts have supported Ferring Country Centre since 2011 with each event donating between £8000 and £10,000 per year.

The generous contributions of Three Forts have made immeasurable changes to our Centre. The money has been put towards the renovations of our Customer Dining Room, which included installing a projector, easy-to-clean flooring, and an adjustable height counter for wheelchair users.

We have also used their donations to build our outdoor play area and purchase the mini helicopter, purchase the red tractor - a firm favourite on Dales Farm - and buy one of our cherished Riding Therapy Horses, Mr. Snuffles.  

As a charity, we rely on donations to be able to improve the facilities at our Centre. This year’s contribution would have been used to enhance our educational spaces and develop two classrooms. The classrooms provide a vital resource for adults with learning disabilities.

At the moment, our classrooms are severely lacking in equipment, supplies and functionality for students with complex needs.  Your donation no matter how small, really can make a difference.