If you have ever been to Dales Farm you would have met our 7 glorious goats!

Emma is the smallest of our goats, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality. Emma loves to climb, and you will often find her in one of the highest spots.

Dumbledore is the grandpa of the group who looks out for the herd. He will climb to a good vantage point, so he can keep an eye on everyone! One of his favourite things is a back scratch.

Rocky and Stallone are two brothers, but don’t let their names fool you! These boys can be shy and reserved, taking the lead from some of the more senior members of the herd.

Colin and Gilbert are our two lovable cheeky chappies. They love to explore and investigate new enrichment items and you will often see them foraging around their enclosure.

Molly was born at Ferring Country Centre. As she is an Angora goat, she is the largest of our herd and has a beautiful curly fleece. Molly is the ‘mum’ of the group and will encourage the other goats to eat, play and explore.

During the wet winter months, our goat enclosure becomes very waterlogged, which can lead, amongst other things, to problems with hoof health, if not carefully monitored. 

We are raising money to enrich the lives of our goats.  Improving their home to ensure their overall health and enable them to exhibit natural behaviours such as climbing and foraging.

The new enclosure will include a large area of hard standing.  This will provide the herd with dry ground conditions, whatever the weather, which will improve hoof health and naturally wear down their hooves. The hard standing will also replicate a goats natural living environment.

The reduction of grass in the goat enclosure and replacement of hard standing will not affect their diet. Goats are browsers which means their natural diet is a variety of shrubs, leaves, branches, weeds, and grasses. They therefore need less grass (grazing land) than sheep who are grazers.

The hard standing will be along the right hand side of their enclosure as well as a path through the middle to allow dry access to their main shelter. This will reduce the amount of wet mud being brought into their dry shelter on their hooves and help the keepers access the shelter with a wheelbarrow in wet and muddy conditions.

We are also working with Simon Groves from Groves Sculptures to create two bespoke climbing and shelter structures. This new addition will provide them with stimulation and allow them to display natural behaviours. Goats are extremely agile animals and the addition of these structures will provide opportunities for the goats to display and partake in climbing, exploring and balancing.

We will also remove the large metal water trough and replace it with an automatic water drinker. This will be placed under cover within one of the structures keeping  the water to be clean and fresh for the goats.

Please donate whatever you can.  Every donation is greatly appreciated, and we would like to thank you for your support.