It was always the vision of the late Charles Boughton-Leigh, one of the founders of Ferring Country Centre, to have an avenue of trees leading up to the Centre. We are finally hoping to make that dream a reality by purchasing thirty young trees to line Charles Way.

Trees strengthen the distinctive character of a place and encourage local pride. We want to improve the environment around the Centre which the whole community will appreciate and  enjoy, from Day Service Customers to dog walkers or visitors to the Centre.

When deciding which variety of tree to buy, a tree  expert told us that ‘Carpinus betulus Fastigiata would be a good choice for the location as it is fully hardy... a good avenue tree, requiring little maintenance and naturally keeping a neat form.’ It is a medium-sized deciduous tree; with a narrow crown when young,  becoming compact and ovoid. The leaves turn yellow in autumn, providing year long interest.

We are looking for companies, individuals or groups to sponsor a young tree. Each tree costs £180.

A couple of local families have already chosen to sponsor a tree in memory of someone special, which is a beautiful, lasting tribute. If you decide to do this we are hoping to include an installation, somewhere on the site where the first name of your loved one can be engraved in remembrance, should you so wish. We are not including individual plaques next to each tree.