Hill Barn golf clubs Ladies Captain, Wendy Smith chose Ferring Country Centre to support during her captaincy.  

On 26th June, Justine, Cath, Hazel and Wendy completed 4 full rounds of golf at Hill Barn Golf Club, supported by their buggy drivers carrying golf clubs and provisions. 

The ladies started at 4.30am and walked over 53k steps.  This equates to 17.5 miles in 12 hours. 

The ladies donated an amazing £1353.68!

Wendy said “May I take this opportunity to thank you everyone for their donations, support and encouragement before and on the day.  Special thanks to the 3 intrepid ladies who took up the challenge, the buggy drivers (especially on the first shift!) Jane Mus for procuring buggy sponsorship and Toni for the foot massage!”