Our Day Service

We are strongly committed to enhancing lives, providing work training to help assist adults to gain employment in the community, either paid or voluntary, and to play a valued role in society through social inclusion.

The activities carried out are designed to help and encourage customers to manage their difficulties and to improve their social, communication and life skills and thus develop to their full potential.

Our support is tailored to meet your person centred wishes and and is based on what you want to achieve. We offer a range of group or 1:1 support, which will be assessed to meet your needs.

The Day Service is open Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm and sessions are available on either a full day or half day basis. Our facilities also include classroom based activities, disabled toilets, full hoisting/changing bed and wet room, IT Suite and sensory room.

We have an easy to access referral service. Visits always welcome. Please contact our Head of Operations or speak to your Social Worker, Carer or PA and ask them to help you access our service.