How you can change lives

To remember your loved ones, a donation can leave a lasting legacy in your memory and support us in the work we do. 

Your legacy will ensure that we have the financial support to help us to provide a safe, secure and encouraging environment, in which we can create positive futures for adults with learning disabilities.

With your support, we can continue to help adults with learning disabilities reach their full potential.

Come and have a look around, before you make your decision.  Call us on 01903 245078 to arrange a time for Sam to show you around.  

How to give in memory

When you decide to donate to our Charity in memory of your loved one, we use your generous gift to support those with learning disabilities. 

Collecting donations at a funeral or celebration service can alleviate some grief, knowing that the lives of others are being helped by those closest to you.

If you have donations from a giving in memory collection, you can send us the funds online or post a cheque to us.

Please ensure cheques are made payable to Ferring Country Centre' and are posted with a covering note, so we are able to acknowledge receipt, to: Ferring Country Centre, Rife Way, Ferring, West Sussex BN12 5JZ.

Set up your own page

You can also set up and manage an 'In Memory' page on our website. By creating a page for a loved one; or for an event in their name, you can share stories and memories, upload photos and share the page with family and friends to help raise funds. You can add donations made from an event, funeral or celebration service to the fund, allowing you to easily manage donations. 

If you have any questions or if we can support you during your difficult time, you can contact us on 01903 245078 or email us.