Elizabeth is one of our farm volunteers. She explained how she started volunteering with us, and what she enjoys.

"A friend introduced me [to Ferring Country Centre], and we've both been coming ever since".

Elizabeth reminisced on the evolution of our Centre during her time as a volunteer: "We've seen huge changes. I was here when Princess Anne opened the pavilion!" She explained, "you can't imagine the difference. It's so so different". Elizabeth praised the addition of our new duck pond: "it really has made a huge difference. People can see the ducks in their natural habitats, which is a great delight for me and the for the ducks!"

Elizabeth works closely with our chickens, ducks and turkeys, and has done since the start of her volunteering journey: "I have always been involved with the chickens and the turkeys. I get an enormous amount out of it. It's one of the places I feel really free to be amongst the animals. When I come here, I just feel I'm in touch with the animal world. It's a natural environment. I used to want to be a farmer's wife, so a little bit of that touches me. It gives me something I don't have at home".

"I love working with the customers. I think it's a wonderful place"

I am so impressed with the way the staff treat the customers. Everyone treats each other with such respect. The customers also get an awful lot out of coming here".

Elizabeth has been volunteering at our Centre for 8 years.