Charity Concert!

Worthing Inspired Instrumentalists - very much an orchestra with a difference - is a group of individuals who are passionate about playing and sharing music. Starting from humble beginnings in February 2015, under the auspices of the U3A, and with the enthusiastic leadership of Tony Tournoff, the group has grown from the initial six intrepid souls to 28 members.

Now an independent organisation, meeting weekly at East Worthing Community Centre, I.I. features a wide range of instruments, from recorder to double bass, from flutes to tuba - and with plenty of other things in between! The group’s repertoire ranges from modern favourites to classical items, all expertly arranged by Tony, and many of which encourage audience participation. Over the years standards have risen, but the ethos of playing together for enjoyment remains the same. All the orchestra’s concerts have been for local charities and have raised thousands of pounds to help others.

Rehearsals are underway for the orchestra’s next concert on Saturday 7th May, at East Worthing Community Centre, at 7:00pm. Entrance is free, but any donations are to be kindly given to Ferring Country Centre! So, put the date in your diary and come along to support the orchestra as they play to raise funds for Ferring Country Centre, a local, independent charity providing training and work experience for people with learning disabilities. You won’t have to go as far as ‘The Streets of London’ just ‘Imagine’ leaving the concert with ‘A certain smile’. (Just a little hint as to some of the music you might hear!)

Inspired Instrumentalists have selected six pieces from the programme (they will be playing many more than this of course!) from which people can select one or more which they would like to 'sponsor'. In this way, you can still support Ferring Country Centre, even if you are unable to attend the concert.

The pieces for sponsorship are:

     *  Teddy bears' picnic

     *  Imagine

     *  Those magnificent men in their flying machines

     *  My heart will go on (The theme from "Titanic")

     *  Unchained melody

     *  Stop the cavalry

You may leave a comment with your sponsorship, giving a reason for your song choice (eg. A birthday, a memory etc) which will be read out at the concert if you so wish.

Sponsor a song here


SATURDAY, 7th MAY, 2022



All the proceeds from this evening will go directly to the Ferring Country Centre for supporting adults with learning disabilities, as all the concert costs have been met by donations.

We are enormously grateful to the Trustees of the East Worthing Community Centre who have generously foregone their normal hall hire fee to further support the charity.

Booking for this event has now closed.