Can you help support our Charity?

 Volunteers are vital to Ferring Country Centre, playing a pivotal role. We rely on their skill and commitment. Your support is always needed and gratefully received.

By volunteering you really can make a positive difference to the lives of others and have fun too!

 As a charity for adults with learning disabilities, volunteers support the staffing team who support our client group to complete work based experience, or receive Riding Therapy Sessions, in a safe and secure manner.


Volunteering isn't just about ‘doing good'. It's a great opportunity for you:

  • to get more involved with your local community
  • to make new friends from all walks of life
  • to develop through new experiences and challenges
  • to use your existing skills or learn new ones that may
  • to benefit your working life
  • to gain satisfaction from helping others

 There are so many ways in which you can make a difference. Volunteer today!

 (NB We are unable to offer riding lessons in exchange for volunteering time. If you are volunteering in the Riding Therapy Unit, you may receive riding lessons to enhance your knowledge to further your support of our customer groups, but this cannot be guaranteed.)