Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd are a British, award winning digital thermometer manufacturer, based in Worthing. As part of their social responsibility programme, they have selected Ferring Country Centre as their charity to support and raise funds for. 

ETI contacted Ferring Country Centre in April 2019, offering their financial support with an item on FCC's 'Wishlist'. It was decided that ETI would sponsor new staff uniforms, branded with the ETI logo. The new clothing range includes grey polo shirts, as well as bright blue gilets and winter jackets, and ensures members of staff are easily identifiable upon a visit to the Centre. Some of the ETI team visited Ferring Country Centre to see the new staff uniforms in person, pictured above with CEO Hannah Tombs and some of the FCC support staff.

"[it was] lovely to visit last week and see all the fantastic uniforms being proudly worn by staff. It was a pleasure to be able to support such a worthwhile local charity"

- Nicky Dumbleton, Exhibition and Events Coordinator at ETI Ld. To find out more about ETI Ltd, you can visit their website

If, like ETI Ltd, you would like to pledge your support to Ferring Country Centre, please see our Volunteering, Fundraising, Donations and Upcoming Events sections. 

"ETI have enabled us to equip our entire staff team with a modern, visible and practical uniform. We would have been unable to do this without their support and for that we offer them our sincere thanks"

- Hannah Tombs, CEO of Ferring Country Centre.