31st May – 2nd June 2018

Parsley the Lion and his Friends

Ferring Country Centre were invited this year to create a display inspired by the children's TV story 'The Herbs', written by Michael Bond. The area chosen was the Baptistry. Having developed our designs (beautifully drawn by staff member Lisa), they feature all the main characters – Parsley the Lion, Dill the Dog, Mr Onions the schoolteacher with his pupils, the Chives, Bayleaf the Gardener, Constable Knapweed, Sage the Owl, and Sir Basil. Our mission was to create the herb garden where Parsley and his friends live.

As part of the design, we had the difficult task of incorporating the font within the design. Colin and his team decided to create a raised platform to fit around the font and in the opposite corner of the baptistery to achieve harmony within the whole design. A backdrop was then created to depict the wall and greenhouse as it appears in the TV show. This was admirably painted by Catherine. At all stages through the process, the clients have been encouraged to actively participate with making and painting the characters, building the props and planting up the many containers of herbs. The horticulture team were also responsible for loading and conveying all the materials to Chichester and setting up the display in the Cathedral. This has very much been a team effort, and everyone who has been involved must be congratulated for their efforts. The response from  the public has been amazing.

Our overall aim has been to create a spectacular display which, among other things, will evoke nostalgic memories for the many visitors who saw the TV programme when they were children.

The Chichester Flower Festival takes place every two years and plays a vital role in raising funds towards the cathedral restoration fund. The money is raised primarily through the sale of tickets to the general public who pay to view over 80 spectacular arrangements in the splendid surroundings of Chichester Cathedral.

Tickets are still available, and can be ordered online at:

or you can order by telephone on

0333 666 3366.