On Wednesday 24th August, 2022, a mini bus full of excited chatter set off from Ferring Country Centre to Worthing Seafront. On board, as well as a group of Day Service Customers, was Sam Kirk (Head of Commercial), Jo Reading (Commercial Co-ordinator) and Vicki Woodard, a kind and generous supporter. The purpose of the visit was to go and see the newly installed stained glass window on Worthing Pier. Vicki very kindly paid for the window to be made by a local artist called Siobhan Jones. It depicts Ferring Country Centre in vibrant colours, including our famous red tractor and several playful looking animals, such as; a pig, alpaca and donkey. The play and picnic area in Dales Farm is also shown in the colourful glass scene.

Vicki was thrilled to see the window in place and was particularly happy to read the inscription underneath it which says, 'A local charity, open to visitors 7 days a week.' Vicki is keen to spread the word about Ferring Country Centre in Worthing. She is a great supporter and has made many generous donations to Ferring Country Centre in the past. 

Josh, a Day Service Customer, said to Vicki, 'Thank you for paying for the wonderful window.' Vicki replied that it had been her pleasure and that seeing the window had made her year! She hopes that lots of children will enjoy looking at the pictures of the animals when they are walking on the pier, and that parents will learn about the Farm and take them there to visit. She added that when she had viewed the window on Saturday afternoon (just after it had been put in place) the sun was shining through it, really making the colours shine. 

The whole group agreed that it had been a wonderful outing to celebrate the installation. We are so thankful to people like Vicki and her husband Jack, who are excited to help and generous with their heart as well as their pocket. Their kindness will sit humbly amongst the other collection of windows, quietly reminding the public that Ferring Country Centre is here, ready to be visited seven days a week. Every visit to Ranger's Cafe, Dales Farm or Garden Centre/Shop helps us to support Adults with a Learning Disability from the local area.

When you are next on Worthing Pier, I wonder if you can spot our window?!