On Thursday 18th November, 2021, Ferring Country Centre were thrilled to receive an amazing cheque from Kevin Buck MBE, team office member for Worthing Indoor Bowls Club. The Club had managed to raise a staggering £1000 which is the largest total they have ever raised through a charity event. Over the years they have chosen to support lots of different, well deserving, local charities. Sam Kirk, Head of Commercial, asked Kevin why the Club had decided to support adults with learning disabilities at Ferring Country Centre this year. He explained that several club members had visited Rangers Café, Dales Farm and the Garden Centre at Ferring and reported back to the other members saying that it would be a very worthwhile charity to support.

The money was raised through an indoor bowling competition that people paid to enter. They also ran a very successful raffle and want to thank Ferring Coop for kindly donating the prizes. There was also a sale of equipment. Ingrid Matthews, Customer Services Advisor, was also at the presentation. She had represented Ferring Country Centre at the charity day. She said that it was a very welcoming club and that it had been an extremely happy day, with people enjoying bowls and raising money at the same time.

Whilst presenting the cheque, our cheeky goats decided to get involved! One nibbled the corner of it and then Gilbert stood on his hind legs to get a better view of the amount! Worthing Indoor Bowls decided that the money should be put into the general fund, to be allocated wherever the need is the greatest.

A huge thank you from us all at Ferring Country Centre!