Time in a sensory room can help children or adults with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities to improve their visual, auditory and tactile processing, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Is your child over 107cm and too tall for the SEND soft play sessions? Don't worry! Ferring Country Centre has a sensory room kitted out with light, sound and textured equipment that could be beneficial to your baby, older child or adult with SEND. A sensory room can provide a sense of calm and help children to self-regulate their behaviours which ultimately improves focus.

Some of the benefits of sensory play, for children/adults with special needs, include:

  • Cognitive development: understanding how things work, comparing the characteristics of different materials.
  • Social skills: Children can watch how others play, copy and share ideas.
  • Self-awareness: Children learn what materials they like and don’t like, increasing their understanding of themselves.
  • Physical development: Sensory activities can be a good workout for the small muscles in their hands and fingers (known as fine motor control) and soft play can help to develop larger muscles (gross motor control). 
  • Emotional development: Play can be a good release for energy or stress, and means children can also express positive feelings.
  • Communication skills: Whatever their level of language development, children can express their  reactions to the stimuli, e.g. showing excitement or surprise when they experience something new.

You can hire the room privately for an hour or share the time with a friend, who has similar needs, tailoring the play session to be fun or quiet as you desire. The sessions are not supervised, although we will show you how to use the equipment. We are wheelchair accessible and look forward to welcoming you soon!

Bookings for the sensory room will open soon.