The current cost* of a Riding Therapy session is £12 per half hour, £13 Per 40 minutes and £15 per ¾ hour.

Sessions are charged either weekly or bi weekly dependent on the sessions you require. This cost is spread into equal monthly payments and payable, in advance, by standing order.

The monthly payment must be made by 17th of the month. A yearly invoice will be submitted with a contract with the monthly charges broken down. Due to high demand we are unable to provide individual monthly invoices. The sum agreed is payable irrespective of attendance.

No riding sessions will be permitted if the invoice is not paid in full. (Payment must be made in advance). Under no circumstances will this be waived and RTU staff reserve the right to refuse a riding session.

*Costs are reviewed annually, not later than January of each year and the effects of inflation may be taken into account.