Adopt an Animal £20

Our farm animals play a valuable role at Ferring Country Centre, providing enjoyment for our visitors and education to children, whilst helping people with learning difficulties and disabilities gain work training in animal care. By adopting one of our farm animals you will be helping towards the cost of looking after the animals, such as feeding, bedding and veterinary care. This means Ferring Country Centre can continue to support people with learning difficulties in reaching their full potential.

For Just £20 per year you can adopt one of our farm animals.

Along with your certificate of adoption you will receive:

  • A toy of your chosen animal
  • Their profile and how to care for them
  • Newsletters, via email, in Summer and Winter

If you are happy for us to chose which animal you will be adopting click Add to Basket now. Otherwise if you wish to Adopt an Animal of your choice, click on the animal below:

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