Horse riding can be a dangerous sport. Horses are flight animals and therefore there is a risk of falling and/or injury. A riding hat is offered to all our riders to help prevent injury; this must be worn at all time whilst on the horse for the first 3 months’ of sessions, after which time you must buy your own riding hat conforming to current standards. Ferring Country Centre accepts no responsibility for the use of their hats.

All riding sessions are at the liability of the rider. Ferring Country Centre will not be held liable for any damage or personal injury to riders, support workers, carers or parents whilst riding or on site.

Riders must arrive 10 minutes prior to their session.  Should the rider arrive more than 10 minutes late they will be unable to join the session. If, up to 10 minutes late, it is deemed by the instructor that the late arrival would be disruptive to the session or the rider is unable to mount due to ill health, behaviour or incorrect clothing being worn, refunds will not be given for that session.

Due to health and safety no shorts are permitted to be worn in the sessions.

The support worker/parent/carer must remain on site or if requested must remain in the session.

Dress code for all those who accompany members must be appropriate. All support staff must wear closed shoes/boots (e.g. no flip flops, sandals etc).  The member will be unable to ride should support staff not be appropriately dressed.

Due to health and safety riders will be unable to re mount the horse following a fall. If staff feel confident the rider has recovered by the end of their set session they will enable the rider, at the discretion of the member of staff running the session, to have a walk on the horse once around the indoor school.

Ferring Country Centre does not tolerate abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour towards the staff team or horses. Should a rider or their support staff be abusive, violent or aggressive in any way they will be asked to leave site immediately and their contract terminated with immediate effect.

No riding will be allowed if payment from the previous month has not been received.

Save in exceptional circumstances, Ferring Coutnry Centre are not able to deal with complaints or comments immediately.  Should the rider, or person accompanying the rider, have a complaint or comment,  this should be made in writing within 14 days, marked for the attention of the Riding Therapy Unit Supervisor.

Full terms & conditions will be supplied with your contract.