Apulstock 2023

It grew from a very simple idea, done for the right reasons.

Twelve years ago, in 2011, Jane Kilby was the general manager at the Apuldram Centre in Chichester. She was approached by some day service customers who wanted staff to take them to Glastonbury, with camping. She knew this would be difficult for many reasons but instead of giving up, she spoke to Alex Fryer and suggested organising a festival that they could bring to them instead. And so a group of people got together and decided to create something unique and Apulstock Festival was born.

On Saturday 29th July, 2023, music wafted across the fields and mingled with sunshine and happy vibes as the 10th Apulstock Festival was hosted at Ferring Country Centre for the first time. The music festival, designed for people with learning disabilities and their families, was a huge success. Kept to a maximum of 500 people the event never gets too overwhelming and noise levels are kept comfortable. The event was officially opened by Jane Kilby and then a day of music, acting, face painting, dancing and food followed until 9pm. Some festival goers even stayed on and camped in the adjacent field!


There was a main stage and an arena stage where various acts performed. The line up included; BABA (a very popular Abba inspired group), DJ4BLUE, Oliver Wood, Delta 7, Petrol Money, Godiva, St John’s Wood Affair, Funk Foil Brothers, Carbon Copy, The Rockeries, The Decodes, Iron Tyger and Funk Foil Brothers.


Day Service Customers, from Ferring Country Centre, were made to feel like stars for the day, as they performed with Suzanne Hill’s School of Dance and took part in Big Eyed Ears theatrical presentation of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream,’ to thunderous applause. Even Elvis made an appearance during their performance! The smiles on the participants faces said it all! What a wonderful opportunity to express themselves creatively and to boost self-esteem and confidence.


Everyone agreed it had been a fantastic day and festival wristbands glowed in the dark as the event drew to a close…until next year!

Everyone that comes together for the sake of music, community and equality – this festival belongs to you!