If you decide you are interested in joining us check out our flow chart on how to make a referral.

Our services also include disabled toilets, sensory room, full hoisting wet room, classrooms, IT Suite and much more.

When you start training at Ferring Country Centre you will have an induction, which will include health and safety training. You will also be given a Ferring Country Centre handbook and a review date will be set for 3 months. In this review, you will choose whether you want to continue being supported at the Centre or if you wish to look for an alternative. If you choose to stay you will have reviews as your person centred plan dictates (as a minimum once per year).

If you decide you are interested in joining us register your interest by completing the Referral Form and our Head of Operations will be in contact.

We look forward to the possibility of you joining our team.

If you would like to have an informal chat or have any queries email our Head of Operations.