Here at Ferring Country Centre, we help our customers to develop essential life skills, empowering them, building their confidence and improving their self-esteem. 

Individuals' social skills are improved through frequent social interaction and our reliance on teamwork. Our customers learn what is expected of them in a working environment, and through this experience, can often gain voluntary or paid work in the local community. 

We are dedicated to offering a person-centered approach, giving customers a varied choice of which of our Day Service departments they feel suits them best. We also emphasise the importance of individual happiness and enjoyment. We want all of our customers to feel content and self-fulfilled. 

We asked Josh, one of our Day Service Customers, what he would do if he couldn't come to Ferring, he said:    "I'd be bored at home and climb the walls", "I would be very angry and upset if I couldn't come to Ferring"

Our training ensures:

  • Customers can learn new skills in their chosen working environment
  • Communication, social and life skills are improved and developed 
  • Customers build on their confidence and self-esteem 
  • Customers can realise their full potential, and feel a sense of achievement 
  • Customers benefit from the therapeutic value of animal interventions and horticultural activities 
  • The environment is safe and supportive whilst remaining focused on a workplace model

Dales Farm, Rangers Café, Children's Play Areas and our Garden Centre are open to the public as a visitor attraction and to enjoy 7 days a week.

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