Your business can make a difference by supporting Ferring Country Centre

Corporate support is vital for our marketing and fundraising. Your support will demonstrate both your commitment to a social cause, and can help to improve staff morale and productivity through teambuilding events and volunteering projects, which we can develop with the company. 

We are currently looking to form corporate partnerships within the business community. 

How you can make a difference:

  • Make Ferring Country Centre your charity of the year
  • Adopt one of our Riding Therapy horses or a miniature animal on our farm
  • Organise a volunteering/team building day at our Centre
  • Volunteer your services 
  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibilities 
  • Make a donation
  • Organise your own fundraising events and activities 

There are so many ways that you can make a difference 

We are lucky to have a number of fantastic supporters who have been instrumental in our success, from assisting us with projects to donating buildings. 

Our thanks go to everyone who has supported us.