To complement our new houseplant section, we are now offering a re-potting service for all your houseplants. Let us do the dirty work for you!

If your houseplants need more space, then we can help. We have the know-how and our specially blended soil mix contains the nutrients and excellent drainage properties to provide the ideal growing medium. Avoid the mess and inconvenience of trying to do this at home – let us take away the pain (especially with cacti!) and do the job for you.

What will it cost me?

£5 for all pots up to 12cm diameter.

£8 for 13cm-16cm diameter.

£10 for 17cm-20cm diameter.

£15 for 21-25cm diameter.

£20 for 26cm-30cm diameter.

31cm and above – please ask for a quote.

Prices include soil, plastic pot and a lot of care!  If you already have a container you want us to use, no problem – just bring it with you – but it should contain drainage holes to avoid overwatering.

We also stock a range of beautiful decorative pots, which you can use to put your plant into, to enhance your displays.

In order to check if your houseplant requires re-potting, look for some common signs:

  • Pot bound plants may be indicated by roots growing through the drainage holes.
  • The soil dries out too quickly and they require frequent watering.
  • If the plant has outgrown its space and become wobbly.
  • Lack of nutrients may cause yellowing of leaves.

 The best time for repotting plants is during the spring and summer to enable quick establishment. We therefore recommend this service between April and September. We also require all plants brought to us to be free of pests and any fungal problems. Houseplants sometimes go into shock after repotting so we cannot be responsible for any failures later on. However, if you look after them, don’t overwater them – the biggest killer of houseplants – and don’t let them get too cold, there should be no problems.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future!