At Ferring Country Centre, we plan and provide activities and facilities for our Day Service Customers depending on their needs and interests, they are at the heart of everything we do. So, about 6 months ago, a weekly photography club was started for those expressing an interest.

‘Out and About’ 

The group explored around Ferring Country Centre and the local area taking photographs. It's important to present the images exactly as the photographer saw the scene - their perception of the world creatively captured, validated and celebrated. 

The club members learn some basic editing techniques, such as making the image black and white, and the end effect is decided by them. The club's photographs are on sale in the Visitors Centre.  

Last year the Jackie Taylor - Miller (Education and Outreach assistant Manager) approached Mike and Lucy at Pier Road Coffee and Art in Littlehampton, to see whether they would exhibit the photographs in their shop. They said that they would be delighted to and kindly offered to charge less commission on any items sold.

the money raised from this exhibition was fed back into the Club for new equipment to make their learning experience even better,’ explained Emily the Club leader. 

To hear Jackie and Emily talking about Ferring Country Centre on a podcast with Mike, the owner of Pier Road Coffee and Art, please press this link