Some of our female Day Service Customers were invited to attend a textile printing workshop, generously hosted by Miss Chamberland and led by the talented Ms Phillips at Davison CE High School for Girls .  We travelled there by Minibus with Head of Support, Dave Payne, in the drivers seat!   

In the art classroom our Customers were treated to a hands on workshop, in which they created their own design for a tote bag. There was much laughter, and cutting and sticking of muted coloured paper.  Once a design was finished the bag and design were put under a  heat press to transfer the carefully curated designs to the bags.  

As each Customer came forward and this process was completed,  the 'reveal' was joyous! One by one each Customer saw their design transformed into a bright and vibrant tote bag which they were rightly proud of.  The pride in their finished product, drew a tear or two!

We would like to thank Davison CE High School for Girls for this celebration of International Women's Day 2024. The theme this year was #inspiringinclusion which we all agreed was very fitting for our collaborative morning. We look forward to more collaboration between our two communities in the future.