All riders are assessed and start in a session suited to their age (minimum age is 4 years old) and abilities. As they progress they move on to more advanced sessions. We are open to individual riders, adults and juniors, day care centre's, school groups and specialist individual groups.

The structure of the sessions are geared to the needs, abilities and requirements of the riders.

A Rider Enrolment Form is required and this includes a medical form which needs to be completed and verified by the rider’s doctor. The doctor will need to confirm their approval and the fact they feel the person would benefit from the sessions.

Besides learning how to ride a horse either independently or assisted, riders enjoy other activities such as, fun days and games. The riders are set individual targets, if applicable, and goals achieved are rewarded with certification.

Parents and/or carers or key workers are consulted and involved at all stages. Trained and skilled instructors adapt equipment and lessons to help all riders achieve directly or indirectly. We have a range of sessions, some of which include the use of sensory items.

Sessions are run six days a week Monday-Saturday, term time only. 

Download your rider enrolment form here.

If you have any questions, or would like to check where you are on the waiting list, please email [email protected]