The David Hunt Trust held an evening of celebration for numerous good causes and charities at Ham Manor Golf Club in honour of their £100k giveaway.  Ferring Country Centre was awarded £5000 towards our ambitious project,  the Dance Studio. 

In successive Lockdowns during the pandemic, Ferring Country Centre had to change the way it worked with it's Day Service Customers (DSC). We responded by holding movement to music , yoga and dance on zoom calls.  This was to keep our DSC engaged and moving and go someway to take care of their well-being while they couldn't be with us. 

When our service returned it was clear how popular these activities were. So we continued to provide them - on cold hard floors with mats in the canteen! It was then, we knew we had to do something so we are now actively fundraising for our new dance studio. 

We would like to thank the David Hunt Trust for contributing £5000 to our dance studio.