For Pete, our equine volunteer, it’s all about the REWARD factor:

“Each year for Father’s Day, my daughter would sponsor Mr. Snuffles for me, one of the Riding Therapy horses. My wife and I would often call in to visit Mr Snuffles, and wander around the centre.

So, the initial reason I came to volunteer here was to work with the horses (and of course, Mr. Snuffles!). But what I didn’t realise was the reward that you get from working with the people here. I still benefit from the personal aspect of working with the horses, but what you get back from working with the Customers here is fantastic. It’s a wonderful place to be, it really gets into your blood".

"I feel humbled to be here. I love every day, and I love being here"

Pete volunteers in our stables two days a week and has been for the last year.