Tim has been a volunteer since January. This is why he chose to volunteer with us:

"I retired three years ago. I moved house - that took the first year, and the new place took the second year, then I wanted something to do. I used to be a Samaritan, but I've lost my hearing, so I decided that I'd continue to work with vulnerable people, face-to-face rather than on the phone. I wanted to try something different".

Tim now volunteers in our stables, but he had never worked with horses before:

"I came down here and was asked if I wanted to work with horses. I said no, they're a bit big - they bite and kick - I was wary of them. But they're the best thing since sliced bread. I love them. I like working with the customers too. I find that really, really nice. Very rewarding. I just enjoy it. It's a lovely atmosphere, I really look forward to coming".

"So I had no experience with horses before I came, but I've really enjoyed it. I think I've learnt a bit! Now I'm a bit more useful, as I can do things without so much supervision. I like it very much and I'm glad they put me with the horses. I'm not so sure I would want to work anywhere else now".

From working with our horses, Tim has been inspired to start a new hobby:

"I draw them now as well; it's been a great adventure for me"

"Working here is good exercise, I used to work in an office. You don't need a gym. Grooming horses is hard work!"

"The customers are great. All the staff are great and very helpful. Myself and Pete are doing a course with the British Horse Society in Horse Husbandry".

"It's the best thing I've ever done"