Jordan started coming to our Centre after he finished college 4 years ago. Jordan originally came for a week's trial placement, before officially starting in 2015. Now, he is learning a wide variety of skills in our Garden Centre, from potting to planting and more. This is what Jordan told us about what he does day-to-day:

"I do weeding, digging and watering and sorting out plants, dead-heading, brown leaves. I do everything! I do enjoy it. I like the plants, the area, the people, the wonderful staff! It's a nice place to be. I like working here. I like coming here because I like working".

Jordan told us that he enjoys chatting to members of the public when they visit the Centre, as well as "the people here, and making friends".

Jordan also participates in the community gardening scheme, going out to the church every fortnight, and helping with various other gardening jobs in the local community. Jordan chuckled with Malcolm, our Horticulture Manager, when recalling the delicious rock cakes they enjoyed on a previous community gardening trip.