Winston is one of our longest-standing customers, he has been coming to Ferring Country Centre for 24 years. Winston works in our Garden Centre. This is what he had to say about what he does day-to-day:

"Today I am getting rid of old leaves and putting them in the rubbish". Winston also helps with "watering, mowing, moving the pots and the compost".

Winston helps with gardening for several people in the community: "Every other Wednesday I go to the church", helping to do the gutters and the mowing. He said, "I do like going". 

As well as working in our Garden Centre, Winston takes part in the cookery course run on Fridays. He said, "it's just relaxing".

Winston added, "I do like coming here. I look forward to it. There's lots of nice people, the staff and that, and the Customers here. I like helping people out. It's all about helping people".