Josh has been coming to Ferring Country Centre since he was 18. He's 26 now!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Josh is learning animal husbandry on Dales Farm:

"I poo pick the ponies, make sure the beds are all fresh and tidy with straw and clean water. I sweep the barns, I lead the ponies in the field and take them in and out the barn. I feed them as well"

Josh recognises all the little things that make our animals happy, including: "feeding the animals, giving them a little pat, doing the fresh fruit and vegetables for them. I groom the ponies, making sure their coats are all nice and the loose hairs are off"

Josh has learnt a great deal about the animals he helps to care for, telling us "I make sure the wallow is watered if it's hot weather. The mud is like sun cream for the pigs"

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays he takes part in a work enablement programme - a 12 week programme that focuses on the development of professional skills; such as C.V. writing, interview skills and includes an off-site placement.

Since coming to our Centre, Josh has improved his cooking, personal care, IT, budgeting and housekeeping skills!

We asked Josh what he would do if he didn't come to Ferring, he said:

"I'd be bored at home and climb the walls! I would be very upset if I couldn't come to Ferring!"