The Garden Centre

Horticulture - we operate a plant nursery with a retail unit, allowing customers to learn horticultural and retail skills from propagation to point-of-sale. Importantly, they also gain valuable experience in customer care through interaction with the general public. Customers are encouraged to take on responsibility, such as managing their own plant display. A small vegetable garden and an off-site gardening service contribute to a wider choice of horticultural activities and ensures interaction with the wider community. As well as acquiring knowledge on all areas of horticulture, our customers experience a range of physical, psychological and social benefits. Much research has been carried out into the benefits of horticulture, proving that horticultural activities can positively impact on an individual's mind, body and spirit. Many of the activities that take place on horticulture require team work, inviting social interaction. Interactions with the public and community projects such as gardening increase social inclusion and ensure our clients play a valuable role in the community. The Garden Centre helps expand our customers work and social skills by assisting us with its operation. They develop horticultural expertise and knowledge, coupled with retail experience. Everyone who attends benefits from the therapeutic value of horticultural activities.

Dogs are allowed in our Garden Centre or Café, but must be kept on a lead at all times.  No dogs are allowed on our stable yard, Farm or outdoor play area.