We achieve immeasurable steps forward in enabling and empowering our customers to make choices, be more independent and have their say. Our work is based around the Values of Inclusion.  In all support, whether 1:1 or group, we make use of person centred planning, thus ensuring that the focus person is in control of every aspect of the planning of their lives helping them move on to community or voluntary placements. Customers develop their skills and abilities at the Centre and have volunteered in work based areas, such as a local garden centre, a meeting place café and charity shops.  

The Centre inspires inclusion and offers a wide range of exciting learning opportunities for individuals

Training and work experience is delivered by staff that have tried and tested the methods and processes involved. We believe that in providing a work-based atmosphere, taking into account individuals different learning styles, we deliver powerful, practical training and experiences which can be taken away and used by the customer. This ensures we are delivering a high-quality service that is specifically tailored to our customer needs placing a high premium on supporting the individual in a person centred way.

On an on-going basis we continue to re-assess and evaluate the service we are offering to our customers. Everyone is reviewed on a regular basis. Our reviews and assessments are all individual and take into account the customers’ progression, what they aspire to and how we can achieve this.

We have an easy to access referral service. Visits always welcome. Please contact our Head of Operations or speak to your Social Worker, Carer or PA and ask them to help you access our service.