Our Riding Therapy Unit - provides training for customers on equine husbandry and supports riders to gain therapeutic enhancement through therapy sessions. Customers can gain ownership through personalised horse management. Animal Assisted Therapy has already proven to be an invaluable tool to our work with disabled people. Social and communication skills are enhanced through animal contact and peer group competition. The physiological benefits through touch are immeasurable and have been shown to increase concentration/attention, alertness, calmness, motivation and responsibility. For those with self-injurious or autistic behaviours, the gentle stimulation of touch helps relieve agitation and promotes relaxation. This role is outcome focused as training is given daily to develop customers individual support plans.

Being with animals is renowned for helping those who have various difficulties and scientific studies have measured the success of this type of therapy. Everyone benefits from the psychological aspects of Animal Assisted Interventions (spending time with animals in a meaningful way). Including, forming special relationships and attachment to the animals, increased trust and pro-social activity, understanding feelings and emotions, and increased motivation and responsibility towards others. This leads to a feeling of increased well-being and feeling of togetherness/companionship. Interaction with animals is meaningful and can also lead to increased language and speech development and understanding of space and time.

If you would like more information on riding as a rider see our Riding Therapy section